Executive Council Hall of Fame


Executive Council 2021 – 2022

Co-Presidents: Emily Fu & Yeasmin Sultana Begum

External Affairs Directors: Adrian Lee & Rachel Yang

Communications Director: Anthony Wong

Student Resources Coordinator: Victoria Lin

Financial Coordinator: Eudora Chan

Administrative Director: Daniel Dai Yu

Second Year Reps: Kaitlin Chen and Hannah Chang

Upper Year Rep: Mackenzie Neufeld

Executive Council 2020 – 2021

Co-presidents: Avnit Singh, Sarah Sadat

Promotions Director: Victoria Radburn

Communications Director: Emily Fu

Financial Coordinator: Janujan Sritharan

Student Resources Coordinator: Hammad Shahid

External Affairs Director: Alex Moffat, Yeasmin Sultana Begum

Administrations Director: Mackenzie Neufeld

Upper Year Representative: Emily Saso

Second-Year Representatives: Adrian Lee, Anthony Wong

Executive Council 2019 – 2020

Co-presidents: Avnit Singh, Leah Velikonja

Promotions Director: Bakiza Al Khalili

Communications Director: Archisha Kamilya

Financial Coordinator: Janujan Sritharan

Student Resources Coordinator: Mira Chow

External Affairs Director: Yeasmin Sultana Begum, Sarah Sadat

Administrations Director: Dimitri Boroto

Upper Year Representative: Victoria Radburn

Second-Year Representatives: Chirag Chopra, Danae Penichet

Executive Council 2018 – 2019

Co-presidents: Rashi Gupta, Maggie Chang

Promotions Director: Andreea Obersterescu

Communications Director: Maxwell Chan

Student Resources Coordinator: Leah Velikonja

Administrations Director: Dimitri Boroto

Financial Director: George Wang

External Affairs Directors: Maha Mian, Yeasmin Sultana Begum

Second Year Representatives: Sarah Sadat, Avnit Singh

Upper Year Representative: Rachel Brunswick 


Executive Council 2017 – 2018

Co-presidents: Mandy Yuen, Daniel Vasic

Promotions Director: Andreea Obersterescu

Communications Director: Alyssa Belfiore

Student Resources Coordinator: Maggie Chang

Administrations Director: Anastasia Logotheti

Financial Director: George Wang

External Affairs Directors: Rashi Gupta, Suzanne Yao

Upper Year Representative: Armin Vallazza

Second-Year Representatives: Maxwell Chan, Leah Velikonja


Executive Council 2016 – 2017

Co-presidents: Amanda Cheung, Steve Hale

Promotions Director: Vivian Tong

Communications Director: Daniel Vasic

Student Resources Coordinator: Puneet Harisinghani

Administrations Director: Anastasia Logotheti

Treasurer: Nathan Chan

External Affairs Directors: Nancy Qiao, Mandy Yuen

Second-Year Representatives: Maggie Chang, Rashi Gupta


Executive Council 2015 – 2016

Co-Presidents: Stephanie Kim, Sammy Cai

Promotions Director: Dario Ferri

Communications Director: Amanda Cheung

Student Resources Coordinator: Frankie Poon

Administrations Director: Nathan Chan

Treasurer: Nicole Gumapac

External Affairs Director: Steve Hale, Nathan Rodricks

Second-Year Representatives: Daniel Vasic, Mandy Yuen